Buy Garlic

It’s August 1, 2017 and our wonderful Garlic crop is now being harvested. The garlic bulbs are hanging to dry in the barn loft and breezeway, the ideal place since there is usually a gentle breeze blowing down the Valley.

We will leave them hanging for about 3 weeks and then begin the final cleaning process.

This year we are selling four types of garlic – Yugoslavian Porcelain, Music and Russian Red.

Interested? Read on and put in your order – it won’t last!

We only grow garlic from Organic Certified seed. We use no chemicals here in our gardens. This is healthy, good for you garlic!

Click on Varieties for information about our Garlic types. You can order right from this page – starting in August (date to be determined)

Note: Payment can be made through email interac or Paypal.  PLEASE EMAIIL US FIRST PRIOR TO PAYMENT!   If you don’t have Paypal, click on that button and it will give you an option to pay using a credit card.




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